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Pioneer Members of the Hodgett Wagon Company

178 Members have been found
Ahmansen, Grethe Sophie Fjelstad - (26), b. Norway Her husband was a Sub-Captain in the Willie handcart company
Ahmansen, Jacob - (2), b. Norway or Denmark
Ainge, George - (19), b. England Carried members of Martin Co. to safety across N. Platte River; surname incorrectly written as "Haines" in several places. Mentioned in John Bond autobiography.
Andersen (or Anderson), Anders - (20), b. Denmark
Andersen (or Anderson), Jorgen - (20), b. Denmark
Ayrton, Isabella Lambert - (56), b. England Mother of Jane Tennant
Ayrton, William - (26), b. England
Ballan, William - (39), b. England
Ballan, Ann Rea - (45), b. England
Ballan, Charles William - (17), b. England
Ballan, Sarah Ann R. - (8), b. England
Baynham, Elizabeth (Betsey) - (21), b. England Married Ben Hodgett
Bithell, Samuel - (19), b. England
Boden, Mary - (21), b. England
Bond, William - (39), b. England Family first immigrated to the U.S. in 1848.
Bond, Mary Ann - (34), b. England
Bond, Sarah - (17), b. England
Bond, Ann - (15), b. England
Bond, John - (12), b. England

Bond, Margaret - (8), b. England
Bond, Mary Jane - (6), b. Fall River, Mass.
Bond, Joseph William - (3), b. Fall River, Mass.
Bond, Nephi Alma - (1), b. Fall River, Mass.
Burnham, Elizabeth - (21), b. England
Callan, Charles W. - (20), b. Wales
Callan, Ann - (39), b. Wales
Christensen, Christian Madsen - (11), b. Denmark Connected with Anna Nilson of Hodgett Co. and Anders Christensen of Willie Co.
Christensen, Lars Christian - (24), b. Denmark
Cluff, Moses - (28), b. Durham, New Hampshire, United States Moses sailed from Liverpool on the ship Thornton in 1856, where he served as a counselor to Captain James G. Willie. After assisting the handcart emigration, he traveled with the Hodgett wagon company. He was a returning missionary. His brother, Harvey Cluff, was with rescuers.
Cooper, John - (22), b. England Engaged to Mary Ann Lewis of Hodgett Co. Stayed at Devils Gate through winter.
Dove, James - (37), b. England Carried members of Martin handcart company across N. Platte River on Oct. 19.
Dove, Alice - (39), b. England
Dove, George - (14), b. England
Dove, Sarah - (12), b. England
Fisher, William - (42), b. England
Fisher, Elizabeth Squire - (33), b. England
Gadd (Gad or Gade), Frederick Christian N. or C.N.N. - (25), b. Denmark
Gillies, Robert - (35), b. Scotland Robert Gilles family did not continue with Hodgett company in 1856. They traveled to Utah with the Jesse B. Martin company in 1857.
Gillies, Jane Sinclair - (35), b. Scotland
Gillies, John - (87), b. Scotland Father of Robert Gilles. Died near Florence, Nebraska, 1 July 1857, as member of Jesse B. Martin company. (Gilles family dropped out of Hodgett company in 1856.)
Gillies, Moroni - (10), b. Scotland
Gillies, Annie Campbell - (9), b. Scotland
Gillies, Daniel Sinclair - (7), b. England
Gillies, Christina Gibb - (3), b. England
Godsall, John - (47), b. England
Godsall, Mary Baynham - (52), b. England
Godsall, Louisa - (19), b. England
Godsall, Susanna - (16), b. England
Godsall, Frances Amelia - (8), b. England
Godsall, John Jeter - (5), b. England
Golder, Richard - (24), b. England
Golder, Mary Ann Brooks - (20), b. England
Golder, Eber - (20), b. England Brother to Richard
Golder, Emma (Emily Mary) - (2), b. England
Golder, George William - (4 months), b. England
Gourley, Robert - (17), b. Scotland Teamster Sons of Paul Gourley of Martin Company
Gourley, Alexander - (15), b. Scotland Teamster Sons of Paul Gourley of Martin Company
Haines (See George Ainge), George - (19), b. England Carried members of Martin Co. to safety across N. Platte River.
Hamilton, Henry - (24), b. Scotland
Hammond (or Ammon), Sarah - (30), b. U.S.
Haven, Jesse - (46), b. Massachusetts
Hawkins, William - (39), b. England
Hawkins, Elizabeth - (40), b. England
Higgs, George - (28), b. U.S.
Higgs, Thomas - (33), b. England
Higgs, Elizabeth Stowe - (32), b. England Her mother, Ann Kite Stowe, was traveling with the family. They also traveled with the Martin handcart company.
Higgs, Mary Susanna - (7), b. Utica, New York
Higgs, Annie Elizabeth - (2), b. Utica, New York
Higgs, Thomas Young - (infant), b. Davenport, Iowa died July 2, 1856, Iowa
Hodgett, Emily - (15), b. England
Hodgett, William Benjamin - (24), b. England Brother of Emily Hodgett, returning from mission to Great Britain. Captained Hodgett wagon company.
Jackson, Joseph - (42), b. England
Jensen, Christian (Possibly Jens) - (30), b. Denmark
Jensen, Caroline Larsen - (38), b. Denmark
Jensen, Christiane Kirstine (Stina) - (17), b. Denmark
Jensen, Jens Christian - (2), b. Peterborg Parish, Denmark
Jerry, Joseph - (), b. England
Jones, William - (45), b. England
Jones, Mary Ann Dovel - (49), b. England Suffered a stroke after husband became ill.
Jones, Robert - (21), b. England Crippled
Jones, Louisa - (18), b. England Drove the wagon after father and mother became ill.
Jones, Frederick William - (14), b. England
Jorgensen, Lars - (41), b. Denmark
Jorgensen, Karen Kirstine Neilsen - (30), b. Denmark
Jorgensen, Karen - (3), b. Denmark
Kasmase, K.(possibly wrong name) - (unknown), b. Denmark No information
Kouslett, Jessimine - (20), b. England Traveled with Lars and Bodil Madsen family
Krause, Marie Wilhemina Catherine - (9), b. Denmark
Larsen, Johannes - (33), b. Denmark
Larsen, Ane Jorgensen - (31), b. Denmark
Larsen, Christiana Margrethe - (5), b. Denmark
Larsen, Sarah - (3), b. Denmark
Larsen, Lauritz (Louis) - (1), b. Denmark
Larsen, Joseph - (baby), b. Laramie, Wyoming
Larsen, Niels - (30), b. Denmark
Lason (or Larson), Line (Lene) - (50), b. Denmark
Latey, Henry Ash - (17), b. England Brother of John H. Latey of Hodgett company. Another brother, William, was in the Hunt company.
Latey, John H. - (21), b. England Stayed at Devil’s Gate. Called as clerk to presidency there. Carried members of Martin Co. across N. Platte River. (Brother, William Latey, with Hunt Co.)
Leason, Rivinia - (21), b. Quincy, IL With Independent Wagon with Willie Co. until Ft. Laramie.
Leason, William N. - (2), b.
Leslie, Ann - (24), b. England
Leslie (Leisley or Leasly), Alice - (62), b. England Widow
Lewis, Mary Ann - (22), b. England Engaged to John Cooper of Hodgett Co.
Lowson, T.M. - (), b. Denmark
Lund, Hans C. - (38), b. Denmark
Lund, Nielsine Kreutzbach - (35), b. Denmark
Lund, Hans Christian (or Hans L.) - (9), b. Denmark
Lund, Nielsine Wilhelmine - (2), b. Denmark
Madsen, Bodil Nielsen - (50), b. Denmark
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Madsen, Lars - (62), b. Denmark May have shared a wagon with the Johannes Larson family for a time.
Madsen, Lars Christian - (8), b. Denmark Wilhelmina Krause was traveling with this family.
Manning, Elisha - (21), b. U.S. Stayed at Devil’s Gate.
Mekelsen, Ole (or C.) - (42), b. Denmark
Mikkelsen, Maren - (61), b.
More (or Moore), John Harvey - (), b. Ireland
Neilsen (or Nielsen), Johanne - (26), b. Denmark
Neilsen (or Nielsen), Maren - (32), b. Denmark
Nielsen, Martha Soreson (Sorensen) - (66), b. Denmark Sister-in-law to Lars Jorgensen
Nielson, Lissa (22), b. Sweden from Jutland, Lissa - (22), b. Jutland, Sweden From Jutland
Nilson, Anna (29) b. Denmark, Anna - (29), b. Denmark (see C.M. Christensen)
Olsen, Christian (or Christien) - (59), b. Norway
Otesen (or Otsen or Olsen), Hans - (22), b. Denmark
Parry, Joseph (14), b. Wales, Joseph - (14), b. England
Peterson, Anna (20), b. England, Anna - (20), b. England
Philip (Phillip or Philips), Alfred - (27), b. England
Porter, Nathan Tanner - (36), b. U.S. Captain of 10
Provost, Charles Bauldin - (20), b. U.S.
Provost, David Woodruff - (6), b. U.S.
Provost, James Wheeler - (13), b. U.S.
Provost, Julia Ann - (22), b. U.S.
Provost, Julia Ann Wheeler - (41), b. U.S.
Provost, Luke - (47), b. U.S.
Provost, Sarah Catherine - (2), b. U.S.
Rasmasen (or Rasmussen), Hans - (22), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Anna (or Annie) - (2), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Bendt - (7), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Christina (or Stene) - (2), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Jens - (9), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Karen (or Caroline) - (5), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Maren Stephensen - (35), b. Denmark
Rasmussen, Rasmus - (11), b. Denmark
Rasmussen (or Rasmasen), Hans - (40), b. Denmark
Rowley, George - (28), b. England
Rowley, Isabella - (30), b. England
Rowley, Isabella - (9), b. England
Rowley, James - (23), b. England Brother to John and George
Rowley, John - (34), b. England Brother to George and James of Hodgett Co.
Rowley, Joseph - (2 months), b. England
Rowley, Margrett - (4), b. England
Rowley, Mary - (2), b. England
Rowley, Sarah - (6), b. England
Rowley, William - (12), b. England
Scott, Joseph Green - (8), b. U.S.
Scott, Mary Cain - (79), b.
Scott, Mary Ferguson - (45), b. U.S. Widow
Senior, Thomas - (25), b. England
Slater, Thomas - (21), b. England
Starley (or Sterling), Henry - (31), b. England
Stewart, Elizabeth Murdoch - (32), b. Scotland. Died November 23, about 5 miles east of Green River.
Stewart, Elizabeth - (born on trail Oct. 23, 1856), b. near Bessemer Bend, Platte River Elizabeth died Oct. 26, just 3 days old
Stewart, James Murdoch - (4), b. Illinois
Stewart, Niel Murdoch - (1), b. Illinois

Stewart, William - (28), b. Scotland
Stewart, William (Jr.) - (9 months), b. Illinois Baby William died before the Stewart family began their overland travel. His parents carried his body in a sealed metallic box with them, intending to bury him in Utah. Instead, he was buried on the plains, possibly near Devil's Gate.
Stowe, Ann Kite - (66), b. England With daughter, Elizabeth Higgs and family; may also have been mother of Amelia Williams of Hodgett Company
Swenson, John - (27), b. Sweden
Taylor, James - (39), b. England Death according to Jesse Haven (James was a brother-in-law to widow, Elizabeth Hinton Taylor, in Martin Co.)
Taylor, Sarah - (20), b. England Her mother was Elizabeth Hinton Taylor, and sister, Elizabeth, in Martin Co.
Tenant, Jane - (24), b. England Mother (Isabella Ayrton) and brother (William Ayrton) in company
Tenant, Mary Jane - (1), b. England
Tenant, Thomas - (46), b. England Wealthy benefactor of British Saints, died Oct. 4, buried at Ft. Laramie
Tenant, Thomas (or Joseph) - (1 or 4), b. England
Upton, William - (34), b. Died of mortification of heart at Ft. Bridge (Small trading post at Richard’s Bridge -5 miles before last crossing of N. Platte River)
Vernon, Ann Thomas - (32), b. Wales
Vernon, Joseph - (37), b. Wales
Watt, George Darting - (19), b. England Stayed at Devil’s Gate.
Williams, Amelia - (30), b. England With Ann Kite Stowe, possibly daughter; Ann may have remarried a Mr. Williams after 1833 when her husband, John Stowe, died in England. Ann is mother of Elizabeth Higgs of Hodgett Co. Also traveling with Elizabeth Baynham of Hodgett Company.
Williams, Ann - (18), b. Wales
Pioneer Traveling In 1856

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