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Fine Art: Rescuers

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Fine Arts-Blue Angel

Blue Angel

by Julie Rogers
From riding express in October 1856 to locate the Willie, Martin, Hodgett and Hunt Companies and let them know that rescue wagons were coming, to carrying express reports back to Salt Lake City in November, to shoveling snow and breaking trails into December to get the last immigrants safely in to the Valley, Joseph Angell Young traveled over 800 miles and is mentioned often in these pioneer more

Fine Arts-Friends


by Julie Rogers
Fine Arts-I Will Go

I Will Go

by Julie Rogers
On Sunday, October 26,1856, Brigham Young issued yet another of numerous calls for rescue of the handcart companies from the public pulpit. Many responded as quickly as possible, but Ephraim Knowlton Hanks had already been called by a voice during the night to go and help the handcart more

Fine Arts-Rescue Me, Robert Taylor Burton

Rescue Me, Robert Taylor Burton

by Julie Rogers
Robert T. Burton was the clerk of the first rescue party sent out from Salt Lake City to find the late immigrating companies. He was also a trusted assistant to Captain George D. Grant. Robert kept a meticulous record of the distribution of supplies, except when he literally gave the shirt off his own back to little newborn Echo Squires. more

Fine Arts-Welcome Messengers

Welcome Messengers

by Julie Rogers
Stephen Wells Taylor, age 21, was among the first group of rescuers to answer Brigham Young's first public call to bring the late 1856 immigrants in to the Salt Lake Valley. On October 14, after traveling and searching for one week and still not meeting them, Captain Grant of this first rescue party sent Stephen Taylor, Joseph A. Young, Cyrus Wheelock and Abel Garr ahead as an express more

Pioneer Traveling In 1856

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