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Mormon Pioneer Trek

The Mormon Handcart Pioneers

The great westward expansion of the United States by Mormons began in 1846 when Brigham Young led a group of Saints on a 1,300 mile journey from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Great Salt Lake in Utah to escape religious persecution. The Mormon migration was a most remarkable episode in the history of the United States.

One of the most difficult journeys the Mormon handcart pioneers made was during the later part of 1856 when winter snows came early. This website is devoted to those that traveled during that challenging time.

Jolene S. Allphin's 8th edition of her book, Tell My Story, Too, contains 300 biographical sketches and over 400 pictures of pioneers and rescuers of the Willie, Martin, Hodgett and Hunt emigrating companies of 1856. Both compelling and inspiring, these stories will touch your heart and add to your appreciation of these pioneers. Stories are perfect for those traveling along the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail or for those who just want to understand how these people turned tragedies into triumphs, experienced miracles, strengthened their bonds with one another, and came to know and rely on God. Whether you are going on a pioneer trek or just visiting sites along trail, you'll find plenty of personal accounts in Tell My Story, Too.

"Settle in and make some new friends. Meet some new heroes and heroines. They're on every page." ~ Andrew D. Olsen (Author - The Price We Paid - Deseret Book 2006)

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