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Tell My Story, Too - Digital

by Jolene S. Allphin
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Tell My Story, Too - Digital

The long-awaited digital edition of Tell My Story, Too is finally here! This edition updates the 8th printed edition with extensive editing, new information, and 260 new photos. It is also searchable.

This 560-page collection contains nearly 300 biographical sketches and over 650 images of Mormon pioneers in the Willie, Martin, Hodgett, and Hunt emigrating companies of 1856, as well as their rescuers. The rescuers are represented in more than 50 of these sketches. The index of names from these four pioneer companies and their known rescuers has also been updated.

New information in this digital edition includes the original unedited letter written to Brigham Young by George D. Grant, captain of the first rescue team, from Devil's Gate. It has two paragraphs that were not included in the newspaper version that was published in 1856. Other new information includes Annie Hicks' account of her daring rescue of James Hawkey of the Martin company. Annie's autobiography also tells of her participation with Jemima Nightingale in rescuing James Bleak. Viewers can zoom in on the photos, many of which are in color, for detailed viewing. The details on the women's dresses and some of their earrings are remarkable.

Each individual story in this book is available for free download on this website as a separate PDF in the "Pioneer Names" tab. Individual sketches may be posted to a FamilyTree memories or stories link. Individual PDFs may also be printed for non-commercial use, particularly for pioneer trek reenactments.

Otherwise, I trust that those who purchase the whole digital edition of the book will not share it with other individuals or groups who have not purchased it. Thank you in advance for respecting my work. Jolene Allphin
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