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Bringing Them Home

by Julie Rogers
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Choose from smooth matte paper or Giclee Collectors limited editions on archival quality canvas signed by the artist.

Art prints are ordered by the dimension of the the shorter side. The longer side will vary proportionately to the original painting.

*Custom framing is also required.

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Bringing Them Home

Ann Walmsley Greenhalgh Openshaw was 50 years old when she traveled the plains by handcart with her husband, five of her children and a daughter-in-law. Too weak and tired to continue one day she fell behind the company. As night was drawing nigh she heard a voice saying, "Ann, get up and go on." But Ann was too weak to get up. Again, a voice told her to get up and go on, that there was a great work for her to do in Utah. Still, Ann was not able to rise.

Finally, a chariot drawn by white horses drew up alongside her and someone lifted her up into it. She was taken to within a short distance of the company where she was helped out of the chariot and left. She was soon discovered by members of the camp and taken back to her family.

After being helped into the Salt Lake Valley by rescuers, the Openshaws settled in Santaquin, Utah, where two older sons had gone previously and built an adobe home for their parents.

Genesis 45:27: . . . and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived.

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